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From the Principal’s Desk Sai Ram

Today’s educator owes the responsibility to develop creative society where our children are trained to the compassionate and creative with the inside to choose between the truth and the fiction. Schools are therefore accountable to develop and encourage creative minds of the youngest members of the society until a point comes when learning get imbibed in them and becomes a part of their beings. A teacher who has creative will bring the best out of his / her students. As we all know the first teacher is the child’s world is the mother who teaches the concept of recognizing the love and warmth, whatever the child learns from the home till the age of seven with him / her throughout his / her life. The second teacher is the family in which he / she is born. He / She grows with the ethics, culture and habits of the family itself. The third teacher is one who separates herself / himself from the sole and provides him / her a new birth. The fourth teacher is none other than the ‘Guru’. Gurus and teachers have played an important role in the transformation of students and disciples. Education is most powerful weapon which one can use to change the World. A Guru or a teacher can use this ‘Education’ as a weapon to transform children in to better human beings by practical examples. A Child learns the things which he sees; he does not know whether it is good or bad, parents, teachers and the society need to display a good role model in front of the child by themselves practicing good things which we call it as ‘Experiential Learning’. It gives me great pleasure is blessed with the teachings of Bhagwan Baba and we need not go searching around for knowledge .Only we need to do is to practice it in our deeds so that the our young minds also see and learn and become responsible citizens of tomorrow. Here I will not hesitate to say that our School is blessed with Gurus who are trained in moral value and they are very much in practice of imparting experiential learning to our students to make them good human beings.

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