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Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vihar Bhadrak, Programme addresses all aspects of transformation at a school for each level. What content is taught, how it is taught, activities and materials needed to make hands-on interactive classrooms, teacher empowerment, school ethos and environment are all integrated as part of Sathya Sai’s holistic approach. Based on the premise of 'compete with yourself', many profound changes begin to take place and a whole new outcome is witnessed for the individual child and the school community combined. Students along with developing academic knowledge and practical skills, also acquire independent learning ability and self-managing attitude that will help them to succeed in higher education, forge a rewarding career and make a positive contribution to society. Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vihar Bhadrak, teaching and learning strategies empower children to be effective partners in their own academic development. We make use of state of the art learning resources and on going diagnostic tools in order to maximize academic progress. Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vihar Bhadrak utilize a range of effective strategies for capturing students interest, developing their imagination, and tapping into teachable moments. These strategies include multi age (vertical) grouping flexible time tabling, and teaching practices informed by on going diagnostics.

Examination and Assessment Rule

The school academic year has two terms. Term-I (April to September), Term – II (October to March). Test will be conducted at regular intervals as per schedule below. Open houses for parents after each assessment. PTM will be held to discuss about child’s performance. Every report must be signed by the parent and returned by the students to the class teacher the day after it is given to the student to be countersigned by their parents. Evaluation is continuous process and plays a vital role to develop the ability of student through several tests in the form of periodic test and summative test spread throughout academic year as per the newly introduced system of CBSE board known as CCE. There will be 3 Periodic Tests and 2 Summative Assessments in one academic session. For Term – I (PT-1, PT-2, SA – I) carrying weight age 10%,10% and 80% respectively ) for Term – II ( PT-3,Subject Enrichment, SA-II carrying weight age 10%, 10% and 80% respectively ) . Grade and Mark both will be awarded in individual subject as well as on the aggregate. Students scoring E1 and E2 grade in a subject (below 33%) are declared to have EIOP/NOT QUALIFIED.

House system

There are five houses namely SATHYA, DHARMA, SHANTI, PREMA & AHIMSHA. House competition / CCA events form a regular routine at school (Every Saturday). Participation is encouraged through various inter-house competitions, academic as well as sports, special assemblies to promote team spirit and co-operation among students. Motto: 1. Sathya – Red – Following the right path 2. Dharma – Green – Generating some innovative idea & creative thinking 3. Shanty – Blue – To proceed towards eternal bliss 4. Prema- Yellow- To find beauty in everything 5. Ahimsa – White – Following the path of non- violence.


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